We are Your Church Media

"Churches all across America are in unprecedented times. Digital platforms have become the new place to gather. Being able to communicate amid all the distractions is leaving churches wondering, 'How can we reach people?'.

Having over 12 years of experience in communications and digital media, I have felt convicted to use my talents to help churches overcome the communication and media obstacles they are facing. 

My mission is to help churches communicate with their body and lay out their mission as a church while creating content that helps spread the Gospel to those in our communities and online.

Creating more content for our kids, young adults and adults to find online is a good thing. We know there are plenty of anti-Gospel messages being spread in our culture. It's time we step up and trust that the Spirit will use digital content to open people's hearts and minds to the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Scott Cunningham, Founder & Owner

Who we are.

Scott has over a decade of experience in communication, strategy and digital media creation with Visual Element Media. Scott was introduced to Chris Kanski through a mutual client and they have developed a great working relationship. Chris brings experience in strategy, social media, and website development. Together, they are partnering to help churches of all sizes share the Gospel through digital media while unifying your body of believers through digital communication.

Scott Cunningham

Chris Kanski

How we work.

Consultation (Why not? It's FREE!)

1 We are serious about helping churches utilize media in order to communicate with their church body and spread the Gospel. We know this can be intimidating. That's why we want to offer you a FREE consultation. Our objective is to answer any questions you have  about our services and how we can partner with your church. We will then provide you a custom quote for consideration.


2Once a service agreement is returned to YCM, we will begin working on your strategy. This will include conference calls, virtual meetings and the like to make sure everyone is on the same page and we are prepared moving forward. Making sure we understand your mission is vital to the success of our strategy. Once the strategy is approved we move to implementation.


3This is where things get really exciting! As we begin to roll out content and post sermons, podcasts and communications we will see a new energy begin to appear. Implementation means we continue to listen to your leaders' needs and provide them with the tools and resources to get the message out and continue spreading the Gospel through media.

Your Church, On Mission

4Now that your strategy is being implemented, you will see how the vision for your church is truly transforming lives and showing your mission. Members will know where to get the information and tools they need in order serve, share and live out our Gospel mission.