How to unite around the Gospel

In Church Unity, Digital Content, Digital Strategy by Scott Cunningham

United on ONE THING

Something that churches should be able to gather and unite around is the Gospel. Right?

I believe the answer is yes, but what would that look like? That’s a fair question that I would like the chance to share in my thoughts below.

The Problem

Every day we are faced with new challenges, obstacles, and heart issues that can easily steer us in a direction that isn’t towards Jesus. As church leaders, we should first and foremost be encouraging and disciplining each other as a staff/leadership team. If a leadership team isn’t on the same page, how will the body you are shepherding be on the same page?

Sin is a compounding issue working tirelessly to cover the truth we have come to believe about God in our hearts. Not only is sin attacking the staff and leadership of your church, it’s also hard at work in the hearts of your members, their children, first time visitors, friends, neighbors and family members both who have come to faith in Christ Jesus and those who haven’t.

But how can your small leadership team reach and encourage all of those people and point them to Jesus? The hard answer is: We can’t.

As much as we want our Sunday messages to reach out and grab everyone who is hearing it by the heart and generate repentance and faith in them, that just isn’t the reality. So what do we do?

Starting Small

I mentioned above that the number one thing that needs to happen within your church is discipling and encouraging on a staff level. Disunity in leadership will always end up causing disunity within the body in some way. This means that you will need to have genuine heart level conversations with each other. Just talking about what good news Jesus is should dramatically change our hearts. Speaking the truths we have come to know and have experienced through the Spirit can be used to increase our faith. What you will see is that over time, many decisions, plans, and other functions will run smoother because you are interacting on a deeper level.

Taking those conversations and bringing other ministry leadings into them will allow for multiplication within the body. The mission of the church is to share Jesus with everyone right? Equipping your ministry leaders and showing them, through your example, how to speak Gospel truths to those in their ministry produces even more opportunities for people to share and gather around the Gospel.

So we just need small groups?


Small groups (insert what your church calls them) are a great vehicle once a few have experienced what true discipleship is and how to speak the gospel to others.

I want to make sure I’m clear. Speaking the gospel and gathering around its truths isn’t exclusive or just for small groups.

It’s for every conversation members of the body are having. It should be in our social media, web, and video content. It’s in our youth ministry. It’s in our mom’s groups. It’s in the conversations in our cafes. But maybe even most important, it should be in the conversations outside of our church buildings.

The gospel needs to be the center of everything we do. The gospel needs to be communicated and lived out through example in all we do. The gospel needs to be the focal point and the message we gather around on social media. What have you been sharing recently on social media? How well did it represent Jesus?

The role of your church media

This is where everything comes together.

Think about this with me. A recent study showed that the average American adult spends 144 minutes each day on social media.
Is your church putting out Gospel-centered content that is unifying or dividing? Is your church even consistently posting content to social media? We will be the first to say that the amount of time we spend on social media is a problem, but it’s also a reality we need to face and people aren’t going to stop using social media anytime soon.

With Covid-19, churches have been thrown into the digital age whether they like it or not. If anything, churches are realizing, people kinda like being able to just watch the Sunday message online. That’s one of the main reasons we need to refocus ourselves on the mission of the church. Remember I said we wish the Sunday message would grip hearts but it doesn’t all the time?

Your Church Media helps your church to find opportunities to create custom gospel-centered messaging that can reach people through social media. There is no one size fits all or one plan that covers everything, but we can help you create a plan that puts content on social media, YouTube, and your website that speaks the truth of Jesus Christ and can unite people around the gospel.

Now more than ever, our churches need to gather around the gospel. With more and more people staying home and growing weary, how can we reach them? Digitally. We need to begin cultivating those relationships online in the hope that the Spirit will lead them to come back or visit our church gatherings and lead them into further discipling opportunities.

I don’t know where your church is, but if you need help, Your Church Media would love to partner with you. Contact us for a free consultation and mini strategy session.

About Scott Cunningham:

Scott has worked in digital media for the past 12 years helping companies and organizations clearly communicate their vision, mission, and purpose. As opportunities became available to serve in the Church, Scott felt led to use his experience to help churches create and communicate Gospel-centered resources. Your Church Media partners with churches to create quality online resources that help to equip, train, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your local community.