What Digital Content Should Churches Be Creating?

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Content is king!

If you’ve been to a social media workshop or digital marketing conference, you’ve almost certainly heard the phrase, “Content is king!”. What most organizations struggle with is “What should the content be?”.

In recent years as I’ve been studying how churches are using social media and what types on content they are creating, I’ve noticed a trend that is pretty frightening.

Some churches are focused more on creating content that drives views and reach versus content that is centered on Jesus. “But Scott, more views and higher reach means more people could be saved!”. I would say that’s true, but far too many pages don’t even mention Jesus, repentance or the Gospel in their content. Without the Gospel being the foundation of everything we do, we cannot begin to think that true conversion will happen because we get a lot of views on a post.

I believe churches should be focusing on engagement and connection.

Engage with people you’re already connected to.

How many people reached is very different that how many people are engaged. While I understand how the numbers of reaching more people means higher chances for people to be engaged, I think the focus of your content needs to be directed towards people you are already connected with.

A shift needs to happen from trying to reach an unnamed audience to reaching members of your church body. By creating resources and tools that equip your members to better communicate the Gospel, you will experience higher engagement because you already have a relationship with them and they are more likely to comment and share your content. You also prepare them to handle conversations with their family, friends and neighbors in which they can share the light of Jesus with them.

So what types of content?

Below is a basic list of ideas. Every church is unique and we love helping you create what your church body needs!

  • How to study scripture
  • Discipling
  • Shepherding
  • Gospel-centered service projects
  • Social Media Evangelism

Again, these are simple ideas to get you started. If you feel you need some further guidance in creating a strategy that is specific for your church body, we would love to help guide you through a content strategy meeting.

About Scott Cunningham:

Scott has worked in digital media for the past 12 years helping companies and organizations clearly communicate their vision, mission and purpose. As opportunities became available to serve in the Church, Scott felt led to use his experience to help churches create and communicate Gospel centered resources. Your Church Media partners with churches to create quality online resources that help to equip, train and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your local community.

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