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Can Churches Survive Without a Digital Presence?

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Most of the time when social media or the internet are mentioned in a church setting, it’s to show all the non-sense and gossip that is happening on the platforms.

It’s really easy for people to see all the negative things happening on social media. For that reason, many churches have held off on using any kind of true social media strategy.

Then Covid 19 happened.

The Coronavirus has truly forced churches onto digital platforms. The number of churches purchasing cameras, computers, video mixers and live-streaming their services for the first time skyrocketed. Even several months later, finding equipment is hard and most equipment is still on backorder.

Social Media has allowed churches to be able to stay somewhat connected, even when they were unable to gather. So does this mean that churches will need to seriously think about how they will use social media moving forward? I think the answering is absolutely yes!

I believe the true reality of how church bodies will settle post Covid is going to be entirely different than what we experienced in February 2020. My concern is that churches will simply try to convert their in-person service and put it online. This isn’t going to work in the long run.

If churches truly want to see the Gospel lived out and shared, we need to use social media as a tool in order to communicate the Gospel and engage with people. We need to be intentional and thoughtful in how we use social media. This doesn’t mean we no longer livestream our services. It does mean that we can’t put all our efforts solely into our Sunday service.

Similar to the business world, churches, in essence, need to become their own production studio. Without investing in a digital presence that communicates, encourages, and equips people with how to live out their Gospel calling, churches will not survive.

There are many ways this can be accomplished, but the first thing that needs to happen is making sure your staff is on the same page. This means a strategy needs to be crafted, content needs to be curated, resources need to be produced and it all needs to be delivered in an engaging and creative way.

By gathering your team around a common vision of living out the Gospel and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, I believe we will see a renewed movement of people coming to faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

About Scott Cunningham:

Scott has worked in digital media for the past 12 years helping companies and organizations clearly communicate their vision, mission and purpose. As opportunities became available to serve in the Church, Scott felt led to use his experience to help churches create and communicate Gospel centered resources. Your Church Media partners with churches to create quality online resources that help to equip, train and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your local community.

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